An optically-based sensor for the measurement of earthquake induced transient and residual building drift

David McCallen

Associate VP, University of California National Laboratories

Date & Time
Building 3, Rambo Auditorium
Mehmet Celebi

Interstory drift, the relative displacement between two adjacent floor levels of a building structure, is an important observable that is utilized in engineering design codes and standards to define building design limit states, to assess the earthquake demands on a building structure, and to evaluate a building condition after a major earthquake. The accurate measurement of interstory drift has historically been a technical challenge when using accelerometer-based measurement systems. In this presentation a new, laser-based sensor for measuring interstory drift is described and the results of combined experimental and numerical studies to assess the sensor performance are described. This recently developed sensor offers the potential for directly measuring interstory drift and providing building drift demands for decision making on building occupancy and continuity of operations immediately after a major earthquake.

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