Taking the Fear Out of Emergency Preparedness

Ana-Marie Jones

CARD (Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters)

Date & Time
Building 3, Room 3240 (main USGS conference room)

Ana-Marie Jones gives us insight into why she thinks preparedness messaging in the US remains chronically ineffective, and she provides several tested, successful alternatives. Using research from a variety of fields, her 26 years of readiness work with vulnerable communities, and her 10 years spent in advertising and marketing research, Jones make a compelling case for removing fear- and threat-based messaging from preparedness efforts.

By removing the disaster framework and by tailoring messages to address the immediate needs of micro-communities, she has helped audiences across the country and internationally to make preparedness a positive, empowering, and sustainable pursuit. Jones has won multiple award for her work, including three Cable Telly Awards, and in 2013 she was inducted into the International Women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Hall of Fame.

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