Funded Network Operations

The Earthquake Hazards Program funds the operation of both seismic and geodetic regionally-based monitoring networks in areas of high seismicity.

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For reports from awards made prior to 2000, use the advanced search of the USGS Library Catalog.

Award No. Principal Investigator(s) Region Project Title Institution Final Report Journal Publication(s) Year
G17AC00134 Deborah Glickson Regional Seismic Networks NASEM Committee on Seismology and Geodynamics (COSG)($50,000; June 2017 through May 2019) National Academy of Sciences Final Technical Report due August 2019 2017
G17AP00124 Jayne Bormann & Graham Kent Regional Seismic Networks "Investigating recent deformation along the southern San Pedro Basin fault to assess evidence for connectivity between the San Pedro Basin and San Diego Trough fault systems"($59,852; September 2017 through August 2018) California State University Long Beach Final Technical Report due November 2018 2017
G17PG00049 Greg Anderson & Herbert Wang Regional Seismic Networks USGS Interagency agreement with National Science Foundation to support incorporation research intuitions for seismology for the Central and Eastern United States Network ($1,400,000; Ocotber 2017 through September 2018) National Science Foundation Final Technical Report due December 2018 2017

NOTE: Reports are in PDF format as submitted by the author and are not 508-compliant. If you need assistance obtaining a 508-compliant report, please contact the External Research Support office.