Create ShakeCast User Database

Populating the ShakeCast v.2.0 database follows three basic steps:

  1. Prepare/import facility table
  2. Prepare/import geographic region profile and notification method (optional)
  3. Prepare/import user table

  1. Import facility table
    • To import facility table, launch the program \shakecast\bin\ us_cities.csv
    • The facility data and fragility settings will be registered inside the ShakeCast database.
  2. Import profile
    • The example profile "profile.conf" defines three geographic regions (CI, NC, NN) with associated notification preferences and method. This file should be placed under the configuration directory, \shakecast\conf.
    • To import and configure ShakeCast profiles, launch the program \shakecast\bin\
  3. Import shakecast user
    • A user can have his own notification settings or choose to associate with a pre-defined profile above.
    • To import shakecast user table, launch the program \shakecast\bin\ test_user_w_profile.csv
    • At this time, a user is restricted to allowing only one profile due to the complexity and redundancy involving the possible overlapping of profiles.