Version 3.0 beta

What’s New in ShakeCast: Introducing Version 3.0 (beta)

Good News! ShakeCast 3.0 (beta) is here, and it is available for cloud-based ShakeCast hosting! What does this mean for you? Well, for one, you can now run ShakeCast with little or no hardware investment, achieve off-site redundancy, and avoid frustrating internal IT roadblocks. Alternatively, you can continue to host ShakeCast internally, but update to a Virtual Machine (VM) environment to avoid challenging hurdles introduced due to local idiosyncrasies of your hardware, software, or network. Either, way, ShakeCast V3 is a lot easier to install, use, and maintain.

Some of the new features, documented in the ShakeCast User Guide, include:

  • Support for Linux VM/Cloud (Amazon Web Services)
  • Windows 8/7 stand alone image/install (coming soon; contact us)
  • Drag-and-drop user data upload (gotta' love this one)

Important documents you'll need to get started are:

These documents, and more, are hosted on the ShakeCast Wiki.

Setting up your own cloud-base ShakeCast instance requires you to get an inexpensive (free for one-year, typically) cloud services account. Once set up with an AWS account, copying the ShakeCast software disk image ("instance") requires a quick electronic approval from the USGS ShakeCast team.