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Adobe with timber and clay tile roof

Adobe construction is common in the rural areas of Honduras. Even though the performance of adobe buildings in seismic events has been very poor, it is still a most common form of construction practiced, especially in rural areas, due to cost and simpler construction technique. The building has a simple plan with three or more rooms. The mud brick/block is made of sand, clay and straw. The ingredients are mixed and placed in a wet timber mold and then sun-dried. The wall is constructed by simply laying one block on another with mud mortar between each course until the desired height is reached. The timber roof framing is laid and the clay tiles applied. The original plan alterations are possible due to incremental construction over time.

Reference: EERI and IAEE\'s World Housing Encyclopedia (Report #134) - Matthew A. French

Building Image
Adobe with timber and clay tile roof image
Adobe with timber and clay tile roof image

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