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The Earthquake Hazards Program funds research in order to provide earth science data and information essential to mitigate earthquake losses.

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For reports from awards made prior to 2000, use the advanced search of the USGS Library Catalog.

Award No. Principal Investigator(s) Region Project Title Institution Final Report Journal Publication(s) Year
G11AP20168Takaaki TairaNorthern CaliforniaSource Characterization of Mendocino Offshore Earthquakes for Improvements in Monitoring Active Deformation and Estimates of Earthquake Potential in the Mendocino Triple Junction Region ($48,480; July 2011 through June 2012) University of California Berkeleydownload

NOTE: Reports are in PDF format as submitted by the author and are not 508-compliant. If you need assistance obtaining a 508-compliant report, please contact the External Research Support office.