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ARRA Funded Monitoring Upgrades

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For reports from awards made prior to 2000, use the advanced search of the USGS Library Catalog.

Award No. Principal Investigator(s) Region Project Title Institution Final Report Journal Publication(s) Year
G10AC00040 Felix Waldhauser and David Schaff ARRA Funded Monitoring Upgrades Implementation of a Real-Time Double Difference Earthquake Location System at the CISN and Maintenance of a Continuous DD Catalog for Northern California ($357,995; December 2009 through September 2011) Columbia University download
G10AC00072 Duncan Agnew and Frank Wyatt ARRA Funded Monitoring Upgrades Infrastructure Upgrades and Repairs for Improved Monitoring of Crustal Deformation at Pinon Flat and Durmid Hill ($62,200; February 2010 through February 2011) University of California San Diego download
G10AC00075 Michael Jackson ARRA Funded Monitoring Upgrades Installation of Permanent GPS Networks in Northern California to Support Crustal Deformation Monitoring by the U.S. Geological Survey ($582,524; February 2010 through December 2011) UNAVCO download
G10AC00076 Michael Jackson, Alan Linde, and David Mencin ARRA Funded Monitoring Upgrades USGS Replacement of Borehole Strainmeters in California ($802,913; January 2010 through December 2011) UNAVCO download
G10AC00079 Richard Allen, Roland Burgmann & Ingrid Johanson ARRA Funded Monitoring Upgrades Upgrading the BARD continuous GPS network operated by the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory ($440,000; February 2010 through December 2011) University of California Berkeley download
G10AC00080 Yehuda Bock ARRA Funded Monitoring Upgrades Upgrades for Crustal Deformation GPS Monitoring Systems in Southern California under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ($190,000; February 2010 through May 2011) University of California San Diego Final Technical Report Due August 2011 2010
G10AC00081 Timothy Melbourne ARRA Funded Monitoring Upgrades ARRA Real-time Upgrade of the Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array($694,350; March 2010 through December 2011) Central Washington University download

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