External Research Support

SCEC Community Fault Model

Annual Competitive Grants

External Research Support issues an annual Program announcement through Grants.gov for competitive proposals for grants and cooperative agreements to support research in earthquake hazards, the physics of earthquakes, earthquake occurrence, and earthquake safety policy.

The application period is generally open from early March to mid-May. Sign up for subscription notices from Grants.gov regarding CFDA number 15.807 application period openings.

During the Application period, applicants must submit proposals and other required documents through Grants.gov; paper copies will not be accepted. Please note that the requirements and other guidance for submitting proposals, referred to as the Program Announcement, can only be accessed through www.grants.gov.

External Research Support Manager and Program Analyst

Elizabeth Lemersal is the Manager for External Research Support.
Deb McCray Skinner is the Program Analyst for External Research Support.

Technical and Financial Reporting

Our For PIs and For Sponsored Programs Offices sections list reports required from grant or cooperative agreement recipients.

Final Technical Reports

Our Funded Research and Funded Network Operations sections list Final Technical Reports that have been submitted by Principal Investigators describing the work carried out and findings of their grants or cooperative agreements. FTR’s are not peer-reviewed. These reports are searchable by year and/or region.

Funded Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Our Funded Research section lists current and past awards including titles and PIs.

Funded Network Operations

Our Funded Network Operations section lists current and past awards including network titles and PIs.

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Earthquake Hazards Program Grant Proposal Success Rate

Year Proposals reviewed by panels Proposals NOT recomm. for support by panels Proposals recomm. for support by panels, but not funds available Proposals funded
2009 162 56 26 80
2010 237 106 66 65
2011 208 85 47 76
2012 187 70 44 73
2013 221 94 71 56