Earthquake Early Warning Staff

Doug Given, Earthquake Early Warning Coordinator
Doug Given is the USGS Earthquake Early Warning Coordinator who is organizing the efforts of USGS and its university partners to develop an earthquake early warning capability for the United States. He is also the Project Chief for Southern California Earthquake Monitoring and manages both the seismic and GPS earthquake monitoring networks in southern California. These networks process more than 12,000 earthquakes each year and provide real-time earthquake information to emergency responders, engineers, and scientists.

Elizabeth Cochran, Research Geophysicist
Elizabeth Cochran is a geophysicist conducting research on earthquake early warning, new seismic instrumentation, and fault slip behavior. She is currently investigating new techniques to densely monitor strong ground motions in urban areas. The data collected by new types of sensors may be used to augment the existing seismic networks to aid in the study of earthquake rupture processes, block-by-block variations in ground motion, and provide useful data for earthquake early warning systems.

Other USGS personnel are contributing to the Earthquake Early Warning including scientists in Menlo Park and Pasadena; additionally, support for early warning come from the Natural Hazards Mission Area of the USGS.