The Great 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake

The Last "Big One"

Date/Time: January 9, 1857 about 8:20am PST
Magnitude Mw 8.0 approximately
Location/Depth: 35.72N     120.32W
Descriptive location: 45 miles NE of San Luis Obispo
Faulting type: right-lateral strike-slip
Faults involved: San Andreas Fault
Length of surface rupture: about 225 miles (360 km)
Maximum surface offset about 30 ft (9 meters)

There is not a great deal of information about the Great 1857 Fort Tejon earthquake, but these links provide some information that is available about this event:

Summary (courtesy of SCEC)

Summary and Isoseismal Map (courtesy of NEIC)

The Great 1857 "Fort Tejon" Earthquake: Shake, Rattle, and Roll!
-from the Fort Tejon State Historic Park monthly newsletter

Eyewitness Accounts (from California Geology)

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