SHIPS - Photo Enlargements 10-12


March 10-23, 1998. The R/V Thompson was captained by Al McClenaghan shown in the middle of the photo below. Captain Al is one of the best seismicexploration captains working.

small boat

March 10-23, 1998. We were at sea collecting the data. For the most part operations went smoothly but occasionaly operations became tangled. In this case a small boat transfering personel had engine problems and drifted aft until it became caught up in the airgun hoses.


March 8, 1998. Our Marine Biologists having their first meeting onboard. They will observe marine mammal behavior and will stop seismic operations if the animals are too close to the ship.


The weather was often good which allowed the marine biologists aboard to work on deck. But it was sometimes stormy, and marine mammals were scarce. This added up to a tired crew of biologists at the end of the cruise. We appreciate their hard work.