SHIPS - Photo Enlargements 4-6


Each airgun will be deployed by a separate winch on the gantry. This will allow each gun to be recovered and serviced independently without halting the data collection operations.


Parts for the airgun array that are being prepared for shipment to Seattle. Hal Williams has his hand on one of the larger airguns, and others can be seen in the basket near him. Airguns of various sizes will be used together to produce sound energy with an optimal frequency and energy.


February 17, welding of the airgun gantry is complete. Sixteen airguns will be attached to this gantry so they can be towed behind and fired from the R/V Thompson. Each coil of stainless steel wire that is mounted along the upper part of the gantry will have one airgun attached. The total tip-to-tip width of this gantry is 84 feet, and it weighs about 20 tons. The gantry was fabricated in Redwood City, California; it was assembled during breaks in the heavy, el nino rains. The gantry will be disassembled in late February, mounted on three heavy trucks, and shipped to
Seattle, where it will be installed on the fantail of the R/V Thompson.