SHIPS - Kingdome Demolition

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Kingdome demolition provides 'seismic' source

(area shown in pink box on Dry SHIPS map)

Locations of the more than 200 seismic sensors installed to record the demolition of the Seattle Kingdome in March 2000. The sensors were installed about 9 blocks apart throughout the City of Seattle from Green Lake to Boeing Field.

UTEP Texans instruments used for the Kingdome and Dry SHIPS experiments.
Each box contains a dozen recorders.

The different symbols indicate the three different types of recorders that were used.

The large red dots show the location of small explosions detonated to provide additional information.

These instruments also recorded the Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan. Comparision of recordings from the earthquake and the man-made sources show the shaking amplification caused by the Seattle basin.

location map