Dry Ships Locations Sept 1999

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Location of SHIPS work conducted in September 1999 (Dry SHIPS).

Red dots show the locations of explosions used to generate seismic waves.

The blue line shows the locations of the 1000 sensors used to record these seismic waves.

Locations of earthquakes recorded during this phase of SHIPS are also shown.

Note that the SHIPS line runs through the Seattle basin and was designed to tell geologists how the basin changes from east to west.

The pink box indicates the area shown in a close-up view of instruments deployed near the city to record the Kingdome demolition.

These instruments also recorded the Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan. Comparision of recordings from the earthquake and the man-made sources show the shaking amplification caused by the Seattle basin.

A data report is online: Report for Explosion and Earthquake Data Acquired in the 1999 Seismic Hazards Investigation of Puget Sound (SHIPS), Washington

shotpoint/receiver locations