Earthquake Bulletins and Catalogs at the USGS National Earthquake Information Center


Number of Earthquakes Published by Year
Figure 1. The number of earthquakes published by the NEIC from 1966 through 1999.

1965: Analysts Locating Earthquakes

2000: Analysts Locating Earthquakes
Figure 2. Analysts locating an earthquake ca. 1965, and in 2000. Note that the compass in the 2000 photo is the same as the one being used in 1965 and was an integral part of the NEIC Y2K Contingency Plan.

Number of Earthquakes Published in 1998

Figure 3. Logarithmic plot of the number of globally located earthquakes versus the magnitude for the year 1998.

Epicenters of Earthquakes located by the NEIC in 1998
Figure 4. Epicenters of the 21,688 earthquakes located by the NEIC in 1998.