2014 Northern California Earthquake Hazards Workshop

Welcoming Remarks
Tom Brocher (USGS)
Geologic and Geodetic Slip Rates for the Northern San Andreas
Tim Dawson (CGS), Jessica Murray (USGS), Moderator Fred Politz (USGS)
Earthquake Early Warning: Science, Logistics, and Politics
Richard Allen (Berkeley), Sarah Minson (Cal Tech), Doug Given (USGS), Mike Blanpied (USGS), Mark Johnson (CALOES), John Parrish (CGS), and Aanika Carroll (Moore Foundation), Moderator Brad Aagaard (USGS)
Paleo-Stratigraphy and 3D Geology of the Sacramento Delta
Russ Graymer (USGS), Tom Holzer (USGS), Moderator Jeff Unruh (Lettis)
Urban Seismic and Geodetic Studies
Steve Hartzell (USGS), Rufus Catchings (USGS), Ben Brooks (USGS), Moderator Jack Boatwright (USGS)
What has been done to strengthen infrastructure and resiliency since the Loma Prieta Earthquake?
Tom Shantz (Caltrans), Janiele Maffei (CEA), Kent Ferre (PG&E), Tom Horton (BART), Dan Wade (SFPUC), Timothy McGowan (EBMUD), Peter Ohtaki (CRA)
How have Seismology, Geology, and Geodesy advanced since the Loma Prieta Earthquake?
Roland Burgmann (Berkeley), Chris Wills (CGS), David Schwartz (USGS), Brad Aagaard (USGS), David Oppenheimer (USGS), Bill Ellsworth (USGS)
New Directions for Earthquake Hazard Research in Northern California
Jack Boatwright (USGS)