Earthquake Science Center Seminars

Damage by the 2011 East-Japan Mega Earthquake and Its Lessons

1) Major Characteristics of the Earthquake
2) Location, Geography, Global Tectonics, Seismicity
3) Regional Geology, Tectonics, Seismicity
4) Focal Mechanism and Rupture Process
5) Main Shocks and After Shocks
6) Geotechnical Damage
7) Shaking Induced Damage to Structures
8) Shaking Induced Damage to Transportation Facilities
9) Shaking Induced Damage to Industrial Facilities
10) Damage Caused by Tsunami
11) Damage to Nuclear Power Plants
12) Lessons

Omer Aydan, Tokai University

September 20, 2011

Host: Mehmet Celebi

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