“The Hayward Fault — We Can't Ignore It”

“The Hayward Fault — We Can't Ignore It” videotape is published as an ORF (Open File Report) of the United States Geologic Survey 95-814 A-B by Sue Ellen Hirschfeld and Fred W. Klein. It is an hour-long program aimed at a general interest audience, including students from middle school to college. The principles developed in this videotape also apply to earthquakes and faults in other areas.

Part 1 covers the basics of earthquakes and faults, faults and earthquake history in the San Francisco Bay Area, and features an animated flyover of the fault. It includes a tour of notable fault features and landforms that can be seen along the fault

Part 2 covers additional information on the earthquake history in the San Francisco Bay Area, including examples of fault creep seen at the surface, how fault creep and locked patches occur together on the fault plane, earthquake probablility, expected intensity of shaking, earthquake hazards, and practical ideas for preparedness.

A printed report distributed with the tape contains suggestions for teachers on use of the video in the classroom, a glossary, and references.

Purchasing Info

“The Hayward Fault — We Can't Ignore It” is available for $20 + 1.50 (6-page report) not including shipping charges. The VHS tape comes in a plastic case with a colored cover and with a 6-page report. For more information or to order the video, contact:

USGS Denver Distribution Center
(303) 202-4200


Instructional Media Center
California State University, Hayward
Hayward, CA 94542
(510) 885-3692; FAX (510) 885-3953

The video may be freely copied. If the video is used for educational purposes please copy the entire tape, including credits and disclaimers.