Evansville Area Earthquake Hazards Mapping Project

Project Overview

Evansville skyline

On February 7th, 2012, the U.S. Geological Survey and local and regional partners unveiled a new series of seismic hazard maps that outline the effects from quakes occurring in the Evansville area. These earthquake hazard maps are critical tools to business leaders, city planners, emergency management and homeowners since the Evansville area is at risk from both the New Madrid and the Wabash Valley seismic zones.



The Evansville Area Earthquake Hazards Mapping Project is being lead by representatives from Purdue University, the Center for Earthquake Research and Information at the University of Memphis, the State Geologic Surveys of Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana, the Southwest Indiana Disaster Resistant Community Corp., the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium State Geologists, and the USGS.

For some basic information on earthquake hazards and hazard maps, please see Earthquake Hazards 101.


Understanding earthquake hazards in urban areas Evansville Area Earthquake Hazards Mapping Project, 2012; Fact Sheet

Modified Mercalli Intensity for Scenario Earthquakes in Evansville, Indiana, 2012; Map

Liquefaction hazard for the region of Evansville, Indiana, 2011; Open-File Report

Earthquake Scenario Ground Motions for the Urban Area of Evansville, Indiana, 2011; Open-File Report

Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment including site effects for Evansville, Indiana, and the surrounding region, 2011; Open-File Report

Surficial Geologic Map of the Evansville, Indiana, and Henderson, Kentucky, Area, 2009; Map

Supplementary documentation

Evansville Area Earthquake Hazards Mapping Project (EAEHMP) Progress Report, 2008

Implementation of an AGS-Cosmos-FHWA Compatible Geotechnical Databases for the St. Louis Metro Area, Missouri and Illinois and, the Evansville-Henderson Area, Indiana and Kentucky

Calculation and validation of probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for the urban area of Evansville incorporating site effects

Liquefaction Susceptibility Mapping in the Evansville, Indiana, Region Including An Investigation of 2D Amplification and Duration Effects Due to Bedrock Valley Structure


Liquefaction Potential Index for Scenario Events

Scenario Ground Motions

Probabilistic Ground Motions

Cone Penetrometer Test data

Project Plan
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