Products and Services

Central and Eastern U.S. Listserver
This group has two main purposes:

  1. to exchange ideas on the reduction of earthquake hazards through the discussion of earth science, engineering, emergency management, and planning topics
  2. to provide a means of distributing news and announcements of meetings, workshops, requests for proposals, etc.

Memphis/Shelby Co. Seismic Hazard Maps
Maps, derivative products, and explanatory documentation of earthquake ground shaking estimated for Memphis, TN.

Memphis/Shelby Co. Liquefaction Potential Maps
Maps, derivative products, and explanatory documentation of liquefaction potential estimated for Memphis, TN.

Memphis/Shelby Co. Surficial Geology Maps
Surface geology for six quadrangles in Memphis/Shelby Co.

Regional Hazard Maps
Maps of earthquake ground shaking for specific hypothetical or "scenario" earthquakes.

National Seismic Hazard Maps
This suite of maps show the shaking hazard for the entire US, for various types of shaking and at different probability levels.

Urban Hazard Maps
New maps and derivative products showing shaking hazard at a resolution appropriate for urban development and emergency repsonse planning. These build on the USGS National Seismic Hazard maps, but also include the effects of local geology and sediments on shaking.

Community velocity model for the New Madrid region
A community seismic velocity model to support general research in the New Madrid region as well as numerical simulations of earthquake rupture and seismic wave propagation due to a repeat of the 1811-1812 earthquakes.

Earthquake simulations of the 1811-1812 New Madrid events
Research for a better understanding of the temporal and spatial distribution of shaking and damage from St. Louis to Memphis that accompanied the great 1811-1812 earthquakes

Online general and technical reports, list of technical papers on CEUS earthquakes and hazard authored by USGS scientists and their partners.

Fact Sheets
Short, general USGS publications on a wide range of topics, including earthquakes and hazard in the CEUS.

Power Point Slide Database
Downloadable slides for use in presentations about earthquakes and the associated hazard in the Central and Eastern US.