Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory

Resolution Analysis

The resolution analysis consists of the typical checkerboard test. The checkerboard input model (shown below) consists of alternating fast and slow squares, whose dimension is 9 by 9 degrees. We then compute synthetic seismograms for the checkerboard input model, and invert these synthetics just as we do the data. The recovered model (also below) shows how well we were able to reconstruct the input checkerboard pattern, and gives a feel for the resolution of our dataset. Note that the amplitude scale for the input model is -5% to +5% anf for the recovered model is -4% to +4%.

(Hint: To make it easier to compare these two figures try increasing the width of your browser window so that the figures appear side-by-side.)

input pattern 9X9 degree recovered pattern 9X9 degree

Below we also show the results for a checkerboard pattern where the squares are 7.5 degrees by 7.5 degrees.

input pattern 7.5X7.5 degree Recovered pattern 7.5X7.5 degree

Individual images of the input and recovered 9x9 models are available here.

Individual images of the input and recovered 7.5x7.5 models are available here.

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