Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory

Seismic Data

Waveform data from the GSN and ANSS backbone are transmitted from the station to the USGS National Earthquake Information Center in near-real time, where they are used for rapid earthquake response.  A small number of stations do not have telemetry, and data from those sites are transmitted to the USGS via media such as tapes or CDs.  As part of GSN and backbone operations, waveform data are reviewed during quality control.  GSN and backbone data are available from the IRIS Data Management Center.

Available data:

Data available from IRIS - Information on how to access data from the IRIS Data Management Center

ANSS Backbone Heliplots

GSN Heliplots

Instrument response information

Travel Time Dataset--A dataset compiled during the QC operations at the ASL

Probability Density Function plots: