Seismic Network Operations


Cedar City, UT, USA

UU CCUT commences operations on: 2006,009

Country Flag
Latitude: 37.551
Longitude: -113.363
Elevation: 2127
Datalogger: --
Broadband: ?
Accelerometer: Applied_MEMS_SF3000L
Telemetry Status at the NEIC: Last Data In Less Than 24 Hours And More Than 10 Minutes
No photos available at this time.
Location CodeChannel CodeInstrumentFlagsSample RateDipAzimuthDepth
ENEApplied MEMS SF3000L 100.000.0090.000.00
ENNApplied MEMS SF3000L
ENZApplied MEMS SF3000L 100.00-
HHESTS-2 100.000.0090.000.00
HHZSTS-2 100.00-

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Availability, Year
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Availability, Since 1972
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Availability, 2 Month
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