Seismic Network Operations


Grafenberg, Germany

IU GRFO commences operations on: 1994,026

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Host: Federal Institute of Geosciences & Natural Resources
Latitude: 49.691
Longitude: 11.22
Elevation: 384
Datalogger: Q330
Broadband: KS-36000-I
Accelerometer: n/a
Telemetry Status at the NEIC: Last Data In Less Than 10 Minutes
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Vault Condition: Instrument is installed in a 7-inch borehole. (standard SRO installation)

Site Geology: On top of borehole. Chalk and dolomite of Jurassic age (Malm) with a covering of a thin layer of sandy loam.

Location CodeChannel CodeInstrumentFlagsSample RateDipAzimuthDepth
VMWT120 post hole, quietCH0.100.000.00100.00
VMVT120 post hole, quietCH0.100.000.00100.00
VMUT120 post hole, quietCH0.100.000.00100.00
LHZT120 post hole, quietCG1.00-90.000.00100.00
LH2T120 post hole, quietCG1.000.00123.00100.00
LH1T120 post hole, quietCG1.000.0033.00100.00
HHZT120 post hole, quietTG100.00-90.000.00100.00
HH2T120 post hole, quietTG100.000.00123.00100.00
HH1T120 post hole, quietTG100.000.0033.00100.00
BHZT120 post hole, quietCG20.00-90.000.00100.00
BH2T120 post hole, quietCG20.000.00123.00100.00
BH1T120 post hole, quietCG20.000.0033.00100.00
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Availablity, Yearly
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Availability, Last 30 Days
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  1. 2015-01-19
    T120 posthole instrument replaces the broken KS36000
  2. 2013-08-05
    The KS-36000 seismometer has failed.
  3. 2004-02-17
    Upgraded to Q330 digitizer.