Seismic Network Operations


San Andreas Geophysical Obs., Hollister, CA, USA

BK SAO commences operations on: 1988,028

Country Flag
Latitude: 36.764
Longitude: -121.447
Elevation: 317.2
Datalogger: --
Broadband: STS-1_VBB
Accelerometer: ?
Telemetry Status at the NEIC: Last Data In Less Than 10 Minutes
No photos available at this time.
Location CodeChannel CodeInstrumentFlagsSample RateDipAzimuthDepth
UFCSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
UF6Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
UF3Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
UF2Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
UF1Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
UCQSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
UCDSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
AFCSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
AF2Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
AF1Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
ACQSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
ACDSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
LT3ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer 1.0090.000.001.00
LT2ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer
LT1ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer 1.000.00270.001.00
BT3ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer 40.0090.000.001.00
BT2ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer
BT1ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer 40.000.00270.001.00
UT1ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer 0.010.00270.001.00
UT2ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer
UT3ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer 0.0190.000.001.00
VT1ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer 0.100.00270.001.00
VT2ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer
VT3ElectroMagnetics Inc. BF4 Magnetometer 0.1090.000.001.00
LQ2Electric Field Dipole (Pb-PbCl or Cu-CuS Anodes) 1.00-2.30253.301.40
BQ2Electric Field Dipole (Pb-PbCl or Cu-CuS Anodes) 40.00-2.30253.301.40
UQ2Electric Field Dipole (Pb-PbCl or Cu-CuS Anodes) 0.01-2.30253.301.40
VQ2Electric Field Dipole (Pb-PbCl or Cu-CuS Anodes) 0.10-2.30253.301.40
LQ3Electric Field Dipole (Pb-PbCl or Cu-CuS Anodes) 1.00-24.60348.502.30
BQ3Electric Field Dipole (Pb-PbCl or Cu-CuS Anodes) 40.00-24.60348.502.30
UQ3Electric Field Dipole (Pb-PbCl or Cu-CuS Anodes) 0.01-24.60348.502.30
VQ3Electric Field Dipole (Pb-PbCl or Cu-CuS Anodes) 0.10-24.60348.502.30
UEPBattery Voltage
LLZFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 1.00-
LLNFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g)
LLEFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 1.000.0090.003.00
LKSYSI 44031 Thermistor
LHZSTS-1 VBB 1.00-
LHESTS-1 VBB 1.000.0090.003.00
LEPBattery Voltage
LDSMotorola MPX201 Pressure
HLZFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 80.00-
HLNFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g)
HLEFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 80.000.0090.003.00
HHZSTS-1 VBB 80.00-
HHESTS-1 VBB 80.000.0090.003.00
BLZFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 40.00-
BLNFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g)
BLEFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 40.000.0090.003.00
BHZSTS-1 VBB 40.00-
BHESTS-1 VBB 40.000.0090.003.00
UHESTS-1 VBB 0.010.0090.003.00
UHZSTS-1 VBB 0.01-
UK2Internal Temperature
UMESTS-1 VBB 0.010.0090.003.00
UMZSTS-1 VBB 0.01-
VHESTS-1 VBB 0.100.0090.003.00
VHZSTS-1 VBB 0.10-
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