ANSS - Advanced National Seismic System

TIC Working Group for Review of Network Performance Capabilities (I)

Duration: Short-term
Associated TIC Tasks: 3
Timetable: March 31, 2004

Members of ANSS TIC Group I


The charge for this task predates a decision by the USGS in February 2004 to seek a broadened review of ANSS constituent networks. The wording of the specific charge below from the NIC (September 2003) is construed, based on feedback from the NIC, to be primarily concerned with capabilities for rapid earthquake response. Given the undertaking of a comprehensive review by the USGS, this working group will focus its efforts on collecting relevant information and deferring recommendations for solutions to USGS management and the NIC.


This working group will create and administer appropriate questionnaires and surveys to address the following specific TIC task:

“Review performance capabilities of all network center facilities and operations and identify priorities for fixes”