ANSS - Advanced National Seismic System

TIC Working Group on Data Analysis and Products (H)

Duration: Long-term
Associated TIC Tasks: 1, 5
Timetable: December 31, 2004

Members of ANSS TIC Group H


This working group will focus on requirements and standards for authoritative earthquake data analyses and broad information products associated with the current and future operation of ANSS. This charge includes requirements for input data into standardized data analyses and products, including engineering products. This charge does not include the distribution of raw data or the archiving of such data. Also, this charge does not include the requirements and specifications for archiving and distributing the analysis results and products (i.e., the products are separated from the transport mechanisms for the products).


  1. Review Section 6 of the TIC Plan (OFR 02-92) and make specific written recommendations for modifications to update it and to expand it to better reflect current ANSS needs, especially considering current budget constraints. This review should also include an informative review of the entire TIC plan, particularly Section 5, Data Archiving and Distribution Subsystem.
  2. Recommend modifications to current practice for preparing specific analyses and products.
  3. As appropriate, develop specifications for product interfaces with regional seismic networks and engineering data centers.
  4. Identify additional products that ANSS should produce.
  5. Recommend a procedure to obtain feedback on the usefulness of ANSS products from the user community.
  6. The working group should, through its TIC members, interface with other overlapping working groups and committees, specifically the Working Group on Product Distribution and Archiving.