ANSS - Advanced National Seismic System

TIC Working Group on Waveform and Waveform Metadata (G)

Duration: Short-term
Associated TIC Tasks: 4
Timetable: June 30, 2004

Members of ANSS TIC Group G


The ANSS TIC recently reviewed USGS OFR 02-92 “Technical Guidelines for the implementation of the Advanced National Seismic System” and had identified several areas where the guidelines are either incomplete or do not represent the current state of the ANSS.


The Waveform and Waveform Metadata Working Group is responsible for identifying the topology of the system to archive and distribute raw waveform data from the ANSS using existing resources if available. This group is also charged with the development of several standards related to waveform data and metadata, which include all waveform data (weak and strong-motion) produced by ANSS. Consideration is required to identify a method to solve the problem related to the creation and management of waveform metadata.


  1. Specify the organization of the archive or archives, centralized or distributed, or other. Make a recommendation as to key facilities that should be approached to perform these tasks. Issues of efficiency should be considered.
  2. Identify long-term archive maintenance procedures including long-term data viability and redundancy.
  3. Specify a method that captures data path and version of data when data are transferred between nodes of the ANSS.
  4. Specify waveform format(s) for ingestion, archiving and distribution.
  5. Specify the metadata (including station metadata for ingestion and distribution) information required and its format.
  6. Specify a method to synchronize data holdings between ANSS centers and archives.
  7. Specify access methods through which users can request data from the archive.
  8. Specify timeliness with which requests for waveform and associated metadata should be returned to a user.

Working group activities need to be coordinated with the TIC Working Groups on Instrumentation, Siting, Installation, and Site Metadata, Product Archiving and Distribution, possibly, XML Standards and the USGS’s Integrated Products Team.