ANSS - Advanced National Seismic System

TIC Working Group on Product Archiving and Distribution (F)

Duration: Long-term
Associated TIC Tasks: 5
Timetable: October 31, 2004

Members of ANSS TIC Group F


The ANSS TIC recently reviewed USGS OFR 02-92 “Technical Guidelines for the implementation of the Advanced National Seismic System” and had identified several areas where the guidelines are either incomplete or do not represent the current state of the ANSS. In order to bring the OFR 02-92 up to date, the TIC has convened a working group on Archiving and Distribution of Parameters and Products. The working group report will be incorporated in the updated guidelines.


The Working Group on Product Archiving and Distribution of Parameters is responsible for defining the ANSS sub-system responsible for the distribution and archiving of products within the ANSS. This system should be flexible enough so that it can be used to distribute a wide range of parameters and products, including processed waveforms, spectra, and other engineering products. The challenge is to define a system that is flexible enough to act as a distribution mechanism for almost everything with the exception of raw waveforms and associated metadata. As such the system should not require an intimate knowledge of the information of product or parameters that it is distributing. An earlier ANSS working group (Ad Hoc Panel on Earthquake Information Distribution) has addressed the design of a system for the real-time distribution of parameters and produces from the ANSS centers to end users; the ADPP working group should draw upon their report and recommendations.


  1. The system should be able to support robust transfer of products over the Internet, including specifications to handle firewall and NAT constraints.
  2. Method(s) to archive all parameters and products for delayed, non-real time access
  3. Query method(s) to identify all products and parameters meeting user specified criteria
  4. Discovery of archived products in a distributed environment
  5. A method to request archived products
  6. Delivery of archived products to the requesting entity
  7. Recommend methods for management of processed or corrected time-series data and relevant metadata.