ANSS - Advanced National Seismic System

TIC Working Group on XML Standards for Earthquake Information (C)

Duration: Short-term
Associated TIC Tasks: 6
Timetable: June 15, 2004

Members of ANSS TIC Group C


The ANSS and the California OES convened a working group in 2003 to address issues related to the real-time distribution of earthquake products. The AdHoc Panel on Earthquake Information Distribution made recommendations for the development of a distribution system and encouraged the development of XML specifications for earthquake products.


The Working Group on XML Standards for Earthquake Information is responsible for defining XML that describe the earthquake products generated by ANSS. The WG will review the recommendations in the report provided by the AdHoc Panel on Earthquake Information Distribution.


  1. Parametric descriptions of the earthquake and ground motions, such as hypocenters, magnitudes, source mechanisms, slip distributions, peak ground motions, early warnings, and related uncertainty information.
  2. Development of standards that encompass supplemental data that include images, advisories, or other representations of seismic events.
  3. Standards that allow for updates, corrections, and cancellations of previous released information about earthquake source properties or other critical information about an earthquake and its impact.
  4. Define document structure (e.g. XML Schema or DTD) for earthquake information products to be distributed by ANSS. As part of this effort, the WG should review existing efforts within NEES, COSMOS, and IRIS.

Activities of the WG need to be coordinated with the TIC Working Groups on Product Archiving and Distribution, Data Analysis and Products and the USGS’s Integrated Products Team to ensure a consistent framework on the development of national systems for exchange, processing and distribution of earthquake information products.