ANSS - Advanced National Seismic System

TIC Working Group on NEIC/CISN Integration (B)

Duration: Short-term
Associated TIC Tasks: 2
Timetable: June 30, 2004

Members of ANSS TIC Group B


This working group is responsible for investigating the current development of acquisition, processing, notification and distribution systems at the National Earthquake Information Center and the California Integrated Seismic Network in order for the seismic monitoring community to benefit from these efforts and to avoid duplications of effort. The intent is to leverage these ongoing efforts and avoid developing incompatible systems that make it hard to evolve the ANSS into a functional nationwide system. With few exceptions, developments within the CISN and NEIC will strongly influence the path that all networks take in their implementation of new acquisition and processing software and operational procedures.


  1. Review of existing systems, which include a thorough understanding of mission and performance requirements, and operational constraints. The numerous design, requirement and specification documents that have been produced by various groups contributing to these efforts need to be assembled and distributed for background information. This working group should identify common frameworks and common modules, and document areas of divergence.
  2. Review ANSS documents (e.g., Circular 1188; OFR 02-92; USGS Program Announcement 04HQPA0002, June 2003, Attachment A; 2002 white paper by A. Lerner-Lam on performance-based assessment, Booz-Allen-Hamilton report) to ensure that developments meet ANSS goals. This group should identify system engineering issues and report them to Working Group E.
  3. Based on a review of NEIC/CISN systems and/or sub-systems, make specific recommendations on modules that should be further developed for use by ANSS supported networks or simply adopted for use by the network community.
  4. The working group should work closely with the TIC to disseminate the results of its ongoing deliberations as they affect other ANSS networks.

Activities of the WG need to be coordinated with the TIC Working Groups on National Performance Standards and Evolutionary Implementation and the USGS’s Integrated Products Team to ensure a consistent framework on the development of national systems for exchange, processing and distribution of earthquake information products.