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Earthquake History for July 8th

  •  M6.1 - California, 1986

    At least 29 people injured and some damage in the Palm Springs-Morongo Valley area. Landslides occurred in the area. The most serious damage (VII) occurred at the Devers substation of Southern California Edison Company. Also some residences in the Whitewater Canyon area were badly damaged. Preliminary estimate of damage approximately 4.5 million dollars. Damage (VI) at Angelus Oaks, Desert Hot Springs, North Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Palm Springs and Yucca Valley. Felt throughout much of southern California. Also felt at Las Vegas, Nevada, Lake Havasu City, Arizona and in northern Baja California, Mexico. Depth 8.5 km. from broadband displacement seismograms.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the United States, 1986 - June 1989.
  •  M6.5 - Myanmar, 1975

    The earthquake was located about 100 kilometers southeast of Mandalay in the vicinity of Pagan, the ancient Burmese capital city. Press reports state that 90 percent of the ancient monuments in the area were affected by the quake. Damage appeared most serious to structures located near the Irrawaddy River. The quake was centered in a sparsely populated region and only one death and one minor injury was reported. The earthquake was felt in most areas of central Burma and Arakan State. At the Chauk oil field three production rigs were toppled. Damage was estimated to be about $500,000, mostly in the Pagan area. Burma's Director General of Archeology termed the earthquake the worst in 900 years of recorded history.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World 1975, and Earthquake Information Bulletin, Volume 7, Number 5.
  •  M4.4 - North Dakota, 1968

    Felt over approximately 3,000 square miles of south-central North Dakota. This was the first earthquake to be instrumentally located in the State historically, and one of the few ever felt. The shock centered near Huff, where a television set shifted and sounds like thunder were heard. Intensity IV effects were also noted at Bismarck, Fort Rice, Huff, Linton, Mandan, Menoken, and Moffit; intensity I-III at Almont, Flasher, Halliday, and St. Anthony.
    From United States Earthquakes, 1968.

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