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Earthquake History for October 31st

  •  M7.0 - New Guinea, 1970

    Five people were killed and ten injured. According to reports, the city of Madang sustained three of those fatalities, widespread property damage, and was generally the center of the stricken area. The shock was felt throughout mainland New Guinea and outlying districts, but damage reports from remote villages along the coastline were slow in reaching authorities. The shock apparently severed an underwater cable that carried telephone and telegraph circuits between Australia and Guam.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World 1970, and Earthquake Information Bulletin, Volume 3, Number 1.
  •  M6.6 - Missouri, 1895

    This is the largest earthquake to occur in the central Mississippi River valley since the 1811-1812 series in the area of New Madrid, Missouri. Structural damage and liquefaction phenomena were reported along a line from Bertrand, Missouri, in the west to Cairo, Illinois, in the east. Many sand blows were observed in an area southwest of Charleston, Missouri, and south of Bertrand, Missouri. Isolated occurrences of sand blows also were reported north and south of Charleston.

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