Learning Links & Earthquake Activities

Faultline:Seismic Science at the Epicenter
lots of resources, information, activities and graphics concerning earthquakes in California
Kid's Earthquake Questions & Answers
kids' questions answered by scientists
Garlock Fault Fly-Over
Virtual fly-over of the Garlock fault. Will download a .mov file.
Watch Buildings Move During Earthquakes
Real videos of buildings shaking during real earthquakes, and some re-creations.
Shaking of Frontier Building — Anchorage, Alaska, During Mw7.1 Earthquake, January 24, 2016
This video presents a visualization of shaking that was recorded in the Frontier Building in Anchorage, Alaska, during the Mw7.1 earthquake, January 24, 2016, Iniskin, Alaska.
San Andreas Fault Fly-Over
virtual fly-over of the San Andreas Fault
Be a Hero: Kid's - ready.gov
Activities and materials aimed at making kids more aware of hazard preparedness
Shaking in the Atwood Building in Anchorage, Alaska
This video presents a visualization of how the Atwood Building in Anchorage, Alaska, shook during the M7.1 January 24, 2016, Iniskin, Alaska, earthquake. The building was instrumented by U.S. Geological Survey to obtain data to study its behavior and performance during strong shaking. Such data is useful to make decisions for improving the building's performance.
Jules Verne Voyager and Jules Verne Voyager, Jr.
an interactive map tool that enables students and scientists to better understand the relationships between geophysical and geological processes, structures, and measurements with high-precision GPS data. These are Javascript based tools.
Cool Earthquake Facts
fascinating earthquake facts
The Richter Scale
An interactive demonstration of calculating the magnitude of an earthquake based on amplitude and S and P wave locations
Earthquakes: Seismic Destruction
links to photos of earthquake effects and tsunami effects
Kid's Hazards Quiz
short quiz on preparedness and where earthquakes occur
Plate Tectonics Activities
Games, quiz
Interactive presentation covering the science of tsunamis, preparedness, research, and historical tsunamis.
Science of Earthquakes, The
brief and basic earthquake science concepts
Today in Earthquake History
what happened today in earthquake history
Science Fair Project Ideas
specific projects with directions and ideas
Listening to Earthquakes
music and earthquakes have something in common!
This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics
excellent comprehensive overview of plate tectonics with excellent graphics, online USGS general interest publication
Earthquake ABC: A Child's View of Earthquake Facts and Feelings
by kids for kids, with a special section for parents and teachers
Online Wordsearch Puzzles
Interactive wordsearch puzzles with earthquake-related words
Photos of Faults and Fault Zone Features
Faces of the Earth
4 videos: Building the Planet, Shaping the Planet, Assembling America, A Human World
Rock'n on Shakey Ground (4MB PDF)
The basics of earthquake science written especially for the elementary school level.
Animations for Earthquake Terms and Concepts
Flash animations illustrating basic earthquake terms and concepts.
Recommended Reading about Earthquakes for Kids and Adults
list of books
Catalog of Earthquake-Related Sounds
This collection of 21 earthquake-related sounds, prepared by Karl V. Steinbrugge, was originally published in BSSA vol. 64, no. 5 in 1974 and updated with eight additional sounds in 1985. You can listen to individual sounds below by clicking the play button in the audio player next to the recording number, or you can download a Zip file containing MP3 audio files of all the sounds. Most of recorded on the inside of different buildings but some are from outside. (Compiled by Karl V. Steinbrugge)
Tsunami Education
Links to educational materials, warning centers.
Information on the basics of earthquakes.
EarthScope Resources for Students & Teachers
Animations, online lectures, visualizations and more, mostly from IRIS.