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561a Frenchman Hills structures, Frenchman Hills fault
561b Frenchman Hills structures, Lind Coulee fault
561c Frenchman Hills structures, folds and other faults of the Frenchman Hills uplift
562a Saddle Mountains structures, Saddle Mountain fault
562b Saddle Mountains structures, folds and other falts of the Saddle Mountains
563a Umtanum Ridge structures, Central Gable Mountain fault
563b Umtanum Ridge structures, folds and other faults of the Umtanum Ridge-Gable
565 Rattlesnake Hills structures
567 Horse Heaven Hills structures
578a Faults near Walla Walla, Buroler faults
578b Faults near Walla Walla, Unnamed northwest-striking fault
696 Thompson Valley fault
698 Jocko fault
699a Mission fault, Flathead Lake section
699b Mission fault, Mission Valley section
705 Ninemile fault
845a Hite fault system, Hite section
845b Hite fault system, Kooskooskie section
846 Wallula fault system
Last modified December 19, 2005