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2355 Sevier fault (northern portion)
2436 Clear Lake fault zone
2438 Pavant faults
2443 Maple Grove faults
2458 Little Rough Range faults
2459 North of Wah Wah Mountains faults
2460 Cricket Mountains (west side) fault
2461 Black Rock area faults
2462 Faults of Cove Creek dome
2464 Beaver Ridge faults
2465 Tabernacle faults
2466 Meadow-Hatton area faults
2467 White Sage Flat faults
2468 Joseph Flats area faults and syncline
2470 Elsinore fault (fold)
2471 Red Canyon fault scarps
2472 Annabella graben
2481 Pine Valley faults
2482 Pine Valley (south end) faults
2483 Wah Wah Mountains faults
2484 Wah Wah Valley (west side) faults
2485 Wah Wah Mountains (south end near Lund) fault
2486 San Francisco Mountains (west side) fault
2487 Black Mountains faults
2488 Escalante Desert faults
2489 Mineral Mountains (west side) faults
2490 Mineral Mountains (northeast side) fault
2491 Cove Fort fault zone
2492a Beaver Basin faults - Eastern margin Beaver Basin faults
2492b Beaver Basin faults-Central Beaver Basin faults and anticline
2495 Fremont Wash faults
2496 Dry Wash fault and syncline
2498 Spry area faults
2499 Buckskin Valley faults
2500 Sevier Valley-Marysvale-Circleville area faults
2501 Tushar Mountains (east side) fault
2502 Sevier Valley fault
2533 Parowan Valley faults
2535 Markagunt Plateau faults
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