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729 Rock Creek fault
730 Bear River fault zone
731 Martin Ranch fault
732a Hogsback fault, northern section
732b Hogsback fault, southern section
733 Sublette Flat fault
734 Eastern Bear Valley fault
735 West Bear Valley faults
736 Elk Mountain fault
737 North Bridger Creek fault
738 Spring Creek fault
739 The Pinnacle fault
740 Ryckman Creek fault
741 Whitney Canyon fault
742 Almy fault zone
743 Duncomb Hollow fault
2346 Crawford Mountains (west side) fault
2350 East Canyon (east side) fault
2351d Wasatch fault zone, Brigham City section
2351e Wasatch fault zone, Weber section
2352a East Cache fault zone, northern section
2352b East Cache fault zone, central section
2352c East Cache fault zone, southern section
2353a Morgan fault, northern section
2353b Morgan fault, central section
2353c Morgan fault, southern section
2354a East Canyon fault, northern section
2364c Eastern Bear Lake fault, southern section
2365 Saleratus Creek fault
2370 Dayton fault
2373 Mantua area faults
2374 Hyrum fault
2375 Ogden Valley southwestern margin faults
2376 Ogden Valley North Fork fault
2377 Broadmouth Canyon faults
2378 James Peak fault
2379 Ogden Valley northeastern margin fault
2380 Porcupine Mountain faults
2410 Bear River Range faults
2521b West Cache fault zone, Junction Hills fault
2521c West Cache fault zone, Wellsville fault
2531 Bear Lake (west side) fault
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