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831c Winter Rim fault system, Ana River section
832 Faults east of Summer Lake
833 Faults north of Summer Lake
834 Paulina Marsh faults
835 Southeast Newberry fault zone
836 Unnamed faults near Antelope Mountain
837 Southwest Newberry fault zone
838 La Pine graben faults
839a Chemult graben fault system, western section
839b Chemult graben fault system, Walker Rim section
841 Unnamed faults near Millican Valley
842 Unnamed faults near Kiwa Butte
852 Sisters fault zone
853b Metolius fault zone, Rimrock-Tumalo section
853c Metolius fault zone, Northwest Rift zone section
854 Unnamed faults north of Diamond Lake
1803 Unnamed East Christmas Lake Valley faults
1806 Newberry volcano ring faults
Last modified December 15, 2005