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1556 Eastern Independence Mountains fault zone
1560 Unnamed fault southeast of Double Mountain
1561 Adobe Range fault
1562 Coal Mine Canyon fault zone
1563 Unnamed fault west of Stag Mountain
1564 Unnamed fault east of Haystack Mountain
1567 Unnamed fault zone in southwestern Jarbridge Mountains
1568 Peko Peak fault zone
1569 Unnamed faults north of Deeth
1570 Unnamed fault zone in southeastern Jarbridge Mountains
1571 Oneil Basin fault zone
1572 Unnamed fault zone in Oneil Basin
1573 Ruby Mountains fault zone
1574 Unnamed fault zone east of Greys Peak
1575 Unnamed fault zone in nothwest Clover Valley
1576 Eastern Snake Mountains fault
1577 Unnamed fault zone east of Bear Mountain
1578 Contact fault zone
1579 Wilkins fault
1580 Unnamed fault southwest of Wilkins
1581 Unnamed fault west of Wells Peak
1582a Independence Valley fault zone, northern section
1583 Northern Windermere Hills fault
1584 Thousand Springs Valley fault zone
1585 Unnamed faults near Ninemile Mountain
1586 Unnamed fault east of Twentyone Mile Draw
1587 Unnamed faults north of Pequop Mountains
1588 Unnamed fault south of Pequop Summit
1589 Goshute Valley fault zone
1590 Pilot Creek Valley fault
1591 Unnamed fault west of Toano Range
1592 Western Tecoma Valley fault
1593 Unnamed fault east of Delano Mountains
1595 Unnamed fault east of Sugar Loaf Peak
1596 Jay Creek fault
1597 Judd Mountain fault
1598 Unnamed fault southeast of China Mountain
1599 Pilot Range faults
1726 Northern Snake Mountains fault
2371 Eastern Pilot Range fault
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