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40 Robinson Creek fault zone
41 Mono Lake fault
140 West Walker River fault zone
249 Tahoe Valley fault zone
1285 Genoa fault
1286 East Carson Valley fault zone
1287 Antelope Valley fault zone
1288 Unnamed faults west of Wellington Hills
1289 Unnmed faults in the Pine Mountains
1290 Unnamed faults in eastern Smith Valley
1291a Smith Valley fault zone, unnamed northern section
1291b Smith Valley fault zone, unnamed central section
1291c Smith Valley fault zone, unnamed southern section
1292 Unnamed fault zone in Pine Grove Hills
1293 Unnamed fault zone near Pine Grove Flat
1294 Singatse Range fault zone
1295 Unnamed faults west of Wassuk Range
1296 Unnamed faults weset of Pike Peak
1297 Unnamed faults near East Walker River
1298 Unnamed faults west of Aurora Crater
1299 Unnamed faults near Alkali Valley
1300 Wassuk Range fault zone
1301 Unnamed faults in southwestern Excelsior Mountains
1302 Huntoon Valley fault system
1303 Unnamed faults near Teels Marsh
1304 Rattlesnake Flat fault zone
1305 Unnamed fault zone west of Luning
1306 Unnamed faults in southern Gillis Range
1307 Indian Head fault
1308 Agai Pah Hills fault zone
1309 Gumdrop Hills fault zone
1310 Unnamed faults near Terrill Mountains
1311 Black Eagle Hill fault
1312 Hot Springs fault zone
1313 Unnamed faults in Gabbs Valley
1314 Unnamed faults in Gabbs Valley Range
1315 Unnamed faults near Black Dyke Mountain
1316 Unnamed faults in Excelsior Mountains
1317 Unnamed faults east of Teels Marsh
1318 Unnamed faults near Candelaria Hills
1319 Unnamed faults in the Volcanic Hills
1320 Benton Spring fault
1322 Gabbs Valley fault zone
1323 Unnamed fault zone in southeastern Gabbs Valley Range
1326 Bettles Well-Petrified Springs fault
1651 East Tahoe fault
1727 Double Spring Flat fault zone
1728 Cambridge Hills fault
1729 Unnamed faults in southern Garfield Hills
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