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826 Unnamed Guano Valley faults
827c Warner Valley faults, Coleman Valley section
856f Steens fault zone, Denio section
1463 Unnamed fault in Coppersmith Hills
1464 Hays Canyon Range fault zone
1465 Unnamed fault zone in the Hays Canyon Range
1466 Vya fault
1468 Unnamed fault sourhteast of Mosquito Valley
1470 Unnamed fault zone in Long Valley
1472 Duck Flat fault
1474 Unnamed fault zone near Bordwell Spring
1475 Unnamed fault near Pinto Peak
1476 Unnamed faults near Massacre Lake
1478 Unnamed faults near Gooch Lake
1479 Unnamed faults near Rock Spring Table
1480 Unnamed fault zone near Badger Mountain
1481 Unnamed fault near Hanging Rock Canyon
1482 Unnamed fault near High Rock Canyon
1483 Unnamed faults near Hog Ranch Creek
1484 Unnamed falts along western Calico Mountains
1485 Black Rock fault zone
1486 Unnamed faults in northern Black Rock desert
1487 Unnamed faults southeast of Fivemile Flat
1488 McGee Mountain fault zone
1490 East Pueblo Valley fault zone
1491 Unnamed fault zone southwest of Pine Forest Range
1492 Unnamed faults southeast Pine Forest Range
1493 Unnamed faults west of Black Rock Desert
1494 Jackson Mountains fault zone
1495a Eastern Pine Forest Range fault zone, northern section
1495b Eastern Pine Forest Range fault zone, southern section
1496 Eastern Bilk Creek Mountains fault zone
1497 Unnamed fault zone southwest of Bilk Creek
1498 Eastern Jackson Mountains fault zone
1499 Unnamed fault zone southeastern Jackson Mountains
1500 Unnamed faults bounding Blue Mountain
1501a Montana Mountains/ Desert Valley fault zone,
1501b Montana Mountains/ Desert Valley fault zone,
1502 Unnamed faults in the northern Double H Mountains
1503 Unnamed fault zone east of Trout Creek Mountains
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