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1105 Paymaster Ridge fault
1110 Central Reveille fault zone
1197 South-central Reese River Valley fault zone
1320 Benton Spring fault
1321 Paradise Range fault zone
1322 Gabbs Valley fault zone
1323 Unnamed fault zone in southeastern Gabbs Valley Range
1324 Unnamed faults flanking Cedar Mountains
1325 Monte Cristo Valley fault zone
1326 Bettles Well-Petrified Springs fault
1327 Unnamed fault southwest of Pilot Mountains
1328 Eastern Columbus Salt Marsh fault
1329 Emigrant Peak fault zone
1332 Unnamed faults near Humdinger Springs
1333 Unnamed fault east of Paradise Range
1334 Ione Valley fault
1335 Southwest Reese River Valley fault
1336d Western Toiyabe Range fault zone, Mahogany Mountain section
1337 Toiyabe Range fault zone
1338 Lone Mountain fault zone
1340 Crescent Dunes fault
1342 Midway Hills fault
1343 Unnamed fault east of Big Smoky Valley
1344 Toquima Range fault
1345 Central Monitor Valley fault
1346 Western Monitor Range fault zone
1347 Mexican Butte fault
1349 Eastern Monitor Range fault zone
1351 Little Fish Lake Valley fault
1352 Central Stone Cabin Valley fault
1354 East Stone Cabin Valley fault
1355 Kawich-Hot Creek Ranges fault zone
1357 Big Fault Wash fault
1358 Park Range fault
1359 Rye Patch fault
1360 Unnamed fault northwest of Andesite Ridge
1361 Unnamed fault eastern Hot Creek Valley
(Class B)
1362 Hulligan Mesa fault
1363 Tybo Well fault
1364 Western Reveille Range fault zone
1365 Eastern Reveille Range fault zone
1366 Palisade Mesa fault
1367 Squaw Hills fault
1368 Unnamed fault east of LIttle Smoky Valley
1369 Central Big Sand Springs fault
1370 North Big Sand Springs fault
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