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22 Honey Lake fault zone
1285 Genoa fault
1286 East Carson Valley fault zone
1289 Unnamed faults in the Pine Mountains
1291a Smith Valley fault zone, unnamed northern section
1294 Singatse Range fault zone
1300 Wassuk Range fault zone
1310 Unnamed faults in Terrill Mountains
1311 Black Eagle Hill fault
1312 Hot Springs fault zone
1313 Unnamed faults in Gabbs Valley
1605 Warm Springs Valley fault zone
1607 Eastern Pyramid Lake fault
1614 Nightingale Mountains fault zone
1622 Granite Springs Valley fault zone
1630 Unnamed faults in the southern part of the Trinity Range
1635 Western Humboldt Range fault zone
1639 Eastern Prison Hill fault zone
1640 Petersen Mountain fault
1642 Unnamed fault in Lemmon Valley
1643 Unnamed faults west of Granite Hills
1644 North Peavine Mountain fault zone
1645 Unnamed faults west of Peavine Peak
1646 Unnamed fault zone in the Truckee River canyon
1647 Mount Rose fault zone
1648 Little Valley fault
1649 North Tahoe fault
1650 Incline Village fault
1651 East Tahoe fault
1652 Indian Hill fault
1653 Carson City fault
1654 Kings Canyon fault zone
1655 Unnamed fault zone east of Reno
1656 Spanish Springs Valley fault
1657 Freds Mountain fault
1658 Unnamed faults west of Hungry Valley
1659 Southwestern Warm Springs Valley fault
1660 Spanish Springs Peak fault zone
1661 Northern Virginia Range fault
1662 Unnamed faults northeast of Virginia City
1663 Carson lineament
1664 Unnamed fault zone in Pine Mountains
1665 Unnamed faults west of Desert Mountains
1666 Unnamed fault near Churchill Butte
1667 Unnamed fault zone in Virginia Range
1668 Olinghouse fault zone
1669 Pyramid Lake fault zone
1670 Unnamed fault zone near Little Valley
1671 Unnamed fault zone near North Valley
1672 Unnamed fault zone southeastern Truckee Range
1673 Hot Springs Mountain fault zone
1674 Unnamed fault zone in Dead Camel Mountainst
1675 Unnamed fault zone in Desert Mountains
1676 Unnamed fault zone west of Carson Lake
1677 Sagouse fault zone
1678 Unnamed fault zone on northwest side of Trinity Range
1679 Rainbow Mountain fault zone
1680 Unnamed faults in Fourmile Flat
1681 Unnamed faults west of Cocoon Mountains
1682 Western Sand Springs Range faults
1683 Unnamed fault southwestern Stillwater Range
1684 Eastern Carson Sink fault zone
1685 Sand Springs Range fault
1686 Western Fairview Peak fault
1687a Dixie Valley fault zone, Stillwater seismic gap section
1687b Dixie Valley fault zone, "1954" section
1688 Unnamed fault in eastern Dixie Valley
1689 Louderback Mountains fault
1690 Fairview fault zone
1691 Gold King fault
1692 West Gate fault
1693 Unnamed fault southeast Clan Alpine Mountains
1694 Unnamed fault northern Monte Cristo Mountains
1729 Eastern Prison Hill fault zone
1730 New Empire fault zone
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