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1148 Shoshone Range fault zone
1155 Carico Lake Valley fault zone
1160b Pinon Range fault zone, southern section
1171 Eastern Dixie Valley fault
1172 Unnamed faults of the Augusta Mountains
1173 Red Butte faults
1174 Unnamed faults of New Pass Range
1175 Ravenswood fault zone
1176 Central Carico Lake Valley fault group
1177 Mount Callaghan faults
1178 Simpson Park Mountains fault zone
1179 Eastern Simpson Park Mountains fault zone
1180 Unnamed faults near Tonkin Summit
1181 Northern Roberts Mountains fault
1182 Unnamed faults of Garden Valley
1183 Western Roberts Mountains fault
1184 Unnamed faults southeast of Roberts Mountains
1185 Unnamed faults of Kobeh Valley
1186 Lone Mountain faults
1187 Middlegate fault zone
1188 Unnamed faults of southern Clan Alpine Mountains
1189 Eastgate fault
1190 Clan Alpine fault zone
1191 Eastern Edwards Creek Valley fault zone
1192 Buffalo Creek fault zone
1193 Desatoya Mountains fault zone
1194 Unnamed faults of northern Ione Valley
1195 Iron Mountain fault
1196 Unnamed faults east of Shoshone Mountians
1197 South-central Reese River Valley fault zone
1198 Unnamed faults east of Austin
1199 Unnamed faults at northern end of Big Smokey Valley
1200 Hickison Summit fault zone
1201 Grimes Hills fault
1202 Northern Monitor Valley fault
1203 Antelope Peak fault
1204 Antelope Range fault zone
1205 Fish Creek Range fault zone
1321 Paradise Range fault zone
1334 Ione Valley fault
1335 Southwest Reese River Valley fault
1336a Western Toiyabe range fault zone, southeastern Carico Lake Valley section
1336b Western Toiyabe Range fault zone, China Spring section
1336c Western Toiyabe Range fault zone, main Toiyabe section
1336d Western Toiyabe Range fault zone, Mahogany Mountain section
1337 Toiyabe Range fault zone
1344 Toquima Range fault
1346 Western Monitor Range fault zone
1358 Park Range fault
1359 Rye Patch fault
1368  Unnamed fault east of Little Smoky Valley
1687a Dixie Valley fault zone, Stillwater seismic gap section
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