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1505 Unnamed faults in Jordan Meadow Flat
1506 Unnamed faults on west side of Hoppin Peaks
1507a Hoppin Peaks fault zone, Oregon Canyon Mountains section
1507b Hoppin Peaks fault zone, Hoppin Peaks section
1508b Santa Rosa Range fault system, Quinn River section
1508c Santa Rosa Range fault system, Santa Rosa Peak section
1509 Bloody Run Hills fault
1510 Krum Hills fault zone
1511 Unnamed faults at Dutch Flat
1512 Unnamed fault southeast of Bloody Run
1513 Western Hot Springs Range fault zone
1514 Western Paradise Valley fault zone
1515 Unnamed faults in Paradise Valley
1516 Unnamed faults in northeastern Paradise Valley
1517 Unnmed faults in Long Valley
1518 Unnamed faults near Coal Pit Peak
1519 Eastern Hot Springs Range fault zone
1520 Golconda Butte fault
1521 Unnamed faults near Browns Canyon
1522 Unnamed faults in southeastern Eden Valley
1523 Eastern Osgood Mountains fault zone
1524 Unnamed fault zone near Fairbanks Creek
1526 Unnamed fault west of Calico Mountains
1527 Unnamed faults north of Odell Mountain
1528 Unnamed faults near Evans and Button Lakes
1529 Unnamed faults east of Chimney River
1530 Unnamed faults southeast of Chimney River
1531 Eastern Osgood Mountains piedmont fault
1532 Willow Creek fault
1533 Midas Trough fault zone
1534 Unnamed faults in northwestern Squaw Valley
1537 Unnamed faults northeast of Indian Buttes
1538 Unnamed faults near Devils Corral
1539 Unnamed fault near Bartome Knoll
1541 Unnamed faults south of Fourmile Butte
542 Unnamed fault zone near Willow Creek Reservoir
1543 Unnamed fault south of Santa Renia Mountains
1544 Unnamed fault near China Camp
1546 Unnamed fault wes of Wilson Reservoir
1547 Unnamed faults in eastern YP Desert
1549 Unnamed fault zone south of Owyhee
1550 Western Bull Run Mountains fault
1551 Unnamed fault zone south of Bull Run Mountains
1552 Tuscarora fault zone
1553a Eastern Independence Valley fault zone, northern section
1553b Eastern Independence Valley fault zone, southern section
1554 Eastern Tuscarora Mountains fault zone
1555 Unnamed fault zone along southwestern flank of Independence Mountains
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