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1124 Dry Lake fault
1226 Unnamed faults between Jakes Valley and White River Valley
1239 Connors Canyon fault zone
1265 Southern Spring Valley fault zone
1280 Unnamed fault east of Moody Mountain
1368 Unnamed fault east of Little Smoky Valley
1369 Cenral Big Sand Springs fault
1370 North Big Sand Springs fault
1371 Unnamed faults near southern end of Moody Mountains
1372a Big Sand Springs Valley fault, northern section
1372b Big Sand Springs Valley fault, southern section
1373 Unnamed faults northwest of Black Rock Summit
1374 Nyala Road fault
1376 Unnamed faults west of The Wall
1377 Echo Canyon fault
1378 Duck Water fault
1379 Bull Creek fault
1380a Railroad Valley fault zone, Mount Hamilton section
1380b Railroad Valley fault zone, central section
1380c Railroad Valley fault zone, southern section
1381 Quinn Canyon fault
1382 Unnamed fault zone west of Garden Valley
1383 Unnamed fault north of Wells Station Summit
1384 Unnamed faults north of Manzone Well
1385 Unnamed fault northeast of White Pine Peak
1386 Unnamed fault near Currant Creek Summit
1387 Unnamed fault northeast of Currant Creek Summit
1388 nodata
1389 Preston fault
1390 The Cove fault
1391 Unnamed faults in Grant Range
1392 North Golden Gate fault
1393 Golden Gate fault
1394 Coal Valley fault
1395 Unnamed fault in Coal Valley
1396 Murphy Meadows fault
1397 Unnamed faults in White River Valley
1398 White River Valley fault zone
1399 Unnamed fault east of Egan Range
1400 Unnamed fault west of Cave Valley
1401 Unnamed fault near Fox Mountain
1402 Unnamed fault of the Seaman Range
1403 White River fault
1404 Silver King Pass fault
1405 Sidehill Pass fault
1406 Unnamed fault north of Dutch John Mountain
1407 Unnamed fault east of Cave Valley
1408 Unnamed fault near Packer Station
1409 Unnamed fault near Mollys Nipples
1410 East Steptoe Valley fault zone
1412 Unnamed faults near Schell Creek Range
1414 Unnamed fault near northern Fortification Range
1415 Mount Grafton fault
1416 Lake Valley fault
1417 Dutch John Mountain fault
1418 Unnamed fault in Lake Valley
1419 Pony Spring fault
1421 Unnamed fault in East Muleshoe Valley
1423 Blind Mountain fault
1424 Unnamed fault east of Bristol Range
1425 Unnamed fault west of Mount Wilson
1426 Unnamed fault south of Horse Corral Pass
1427 Unnamed fault near Atlanta
1428 Unnamed fault east of Atlanta Peak
1429 Limestone Hills fault
1430 Wheeler Peak fault zone
1431 Unnamed fault south of Highland Ridge
1433 Southern Snake Range fault zone
1435 Unnamed fault in Hamlin Valley
1436 Unnamed fault along the northern Rock Mountains
1437 Unnamed fault west of White Rock Mountains
2480 Mountain Home Range (west side) faults
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