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1484 Unnamed faults along western Calico Mountains
1485 Black Rock fault zone
1494 Jackson Mountains fault zone
1499 Unnamed faults zone southeastern Jackson Mountains
1500 Unnamed faults bouding Blue Mountain
1509 Bloody Run Hills fault
1601 Bonham Ranch fault zone
1602 Dry Valley-Smoke Creek Ranch fault zone
1603 Unnamed fault zone near Sand Pass
1604 Alkali Flat fault
1605 Warm Springs Valley fault zone
1606 Terraced Hills fault zone
1607 Eastern Pyramid Lake fault
1608 Fox Range fault zone
1609 Unnamed faults near Squaw Valley
1610 Western Granite Range fault
1611 Eastern Granite Range fault
1612 Gerlach fault zone
1613 San Emido fault zone
1614 Nightingale Mountains fault zone
1615 Unnamed fault zone between Kumiva and Sage Hen
1616 Unnamed fault zone on east side of Selenite Range
1617 Selenite Range fault zone
1618 Dry Mountain fault
1619 Kumiva Valley fault zone
1620 Unnamed fault zone along Bluewing Mountains
1621 Unnamed faults along Sahwave Mountains
1622 Granite Springs Valley fault zone
1623 Unnamed fault zone near The Lava Beds
1624 The Lava Beds fault
1625 Unnamed fault zone near Sheep Spring
1626 Kamma Mountains fault zone
1627 Seven Troughs Range fault zone
1628 Unnamed fault in northern Granite Springs Valley
1629 Sage Valley fault zone
1630 Unnamed faults in the southern part of the Trinity
1631 Unnamed faults west of Rye Patch Dam
1632 Unnamed faults around Majuba Mountains
1633 Unnamed faults on south side of the Antelope Range
1634 Eugene Mountains fault
1635 Western Humboldt Range fault zone
1636 Unnamed faults near Packard Flat
1637 Eastern Humboldt Range fault zone
1638 Buena Vista Valley fault zone
1678 Unnamed fault zone on northwest side of Trinity
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