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1006 Wheeler fault zone and graben
1007 Mesquite fault
1008 Littlefield Mesa faults
1009 Mead Slope fault
1052 Chert Ridge faults
1054 Indian Springs Valley fault
1055 Buried Hills faults
1056 Spotted Range faults
1057 West Pintwater Range fault
1058 Amargosa River fault zone
1059 East Pintwater Range fault
1060 Sheep-East Desert Range fault
1061 Arrow Canyon Range fault
1062 Wildcat Wash fault
1063 Carp Road fault
1064 Sheep Range fault
1065 Rock Valley fault zone
1069 Crossgrain Valley faults
1070 Mercury Ridge fault
1071 Cactus Springs fault
1072 Peace Camp faults
1073 West Springs Mountains fault
1074 Central Springs Mountains faults
1075 La Madre fault
1076 Pahrump fault
1115 Sheep Basin fault
1117 Frenchman Mountain fault
1118 California Wash fault
1119 Overton Arm faults
1120 Las Vegas Valley faults
1732 East Muddy Mountains fault
1733 Eglington fault
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