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49c Fish Lake Valley fault zone, Oasis section
49d Fish Lake Valley fault zone, Cucomongo section
141a Northern Death Valley fault zone, Grapevine Mountains section
188 Tin Mountain fault
1041 Boundary fault
1042 Yucca fault
1043 Area Three fault
1082 Eleana Range fault
1083 East Belted Range fault
1084 Belted Range fault
1085 Kawich Range fault
1086 Kawich Valley fault
1087 Gold Flat faults
1088 Stonewall Mountain fault
1089 Stonewall Flat faults
1090 Cactus Flat fault
1091 Unnamed faults of Cactus Flat
1092 Unnamed faults of Pahute Mesa
1093 Mud Lake-Goldfield Hills fault
1094 Grapevine Mountains fault
1095 Bonnie Claire fault
1096 Gold Mountain fault
1097 Slate Ridge faults
1098 Tule Canyon faults
1099 Wild Rose Spring fault
1100 Palmetto Mountains-Jackson Wash fault
1101 Lida faults
1102 Montezuma Range fault
1103 Clayton-Montezuma Valley faults
1104 Clayton Ridge fault
1105 Paymaster Ridge fault
1106 General Thomas Hills faults
1107 Clayton Valley faults
1108 Silver Peak Range fault
1109 Weepah Hills fault
1110 Central Reveille fault zone
1111 Monitor Hills West fault
1112 Monitor Hills East fault
1329 Emigrant Peak fault zone
1338 Lone Mountain fault zone
1354 East Stone Cabin Valley fault
1355 Kawich-Hot Creek Ranges fault zone
1364 Western Reveille Range fault zone
1365 Eastern Reveille Range fault zone
1731 McAfee Cayon fault
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